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Hi I'm Jolene

| Moving to Campwin Beach in sunny North Queensland inspired me to create the Beach Juju brand. Handcrafted pieces that emanate the warmth & essence 'JUJU' that radiates from this beautiful place I call home.
My love of vintage crafts inspired my crocheted earring designs. Marrying them with coconut shell components allows structure & statement without the dreaded weight; giving the duo a 'BEACHY-BOHO' vibe. Nostalgic textiles like crochet echo throughout fashion's history; with it's iconic 70's status & continuous re-emerging popularity it's earned the right to be crowned EVER-ON-TREND |


| In a world of fast-fashion my goal is to create high quality, UNIQUE, slow-fashion pieces to be TREASURED. Living by the beach has made me very aware of a products life-cycle and how our decisions can directly impact what finds its way into our oceans. I hope my choice of sustainable coconut & handcrafted textiles reflect that sentiment; reminding you to purchase your accessories thoughtfully | 

Niobium Earwires

| Named after the Greek goddess NIOBE, this rare MAGICAL metal is Beach Juju’s signature material. Naturally Nickel-Free; Niobium is a PURE element with ZERO additives. It’s unique ’BIO-COMPATIBLE’ nature offers a SAFE option for those suffering with ALLERGIES to other metals similarly labelled 'HYPOALLERGENIC". This OPULENT alternative has a higher value than SILVER with long lasting, corrosion resistant properties |

Beach Juju ©2020

| Each item is individually Handcrafted by 'Jolene Thompson' at her Campwin Beach home in North Queensland. Jolene Thompson retains ownership of all design elements & graphic content (including all images) contained herein |