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Hi I'm JoJo

Moving to Campwin Beach in sunny North Queensland inspired me to create the Beach Juju brand. Handcrafted pieces that emanate the warmth and essence 'JUJU' that radiates from this beautiful place I call home.
My love of vintage crafts inspired my crocheted earring designs. Marrying them with coconut wood components allows structure & statement without the dreaded weight. This also gives the duo a BEACHY-BOHO vibe with no real need to be 'ON-TREND' as nostalgic textiles like crochet continue to stand the test of time; echoing throughout fashion history. 
I've always been a maker of things; after studying fashion design at a young age I went on to create millinery & handmade cloth dolls. I have a passion for the design process, that artistic bubble you exist in when creating something authentically you.


In a world of fast-fashion my goal is to create high quality, unique, slow-fashion pieces to be treasured. Living by the beach has made me very aware of a products life-cycle and how each purchase we make can impact what makes its way into our oceans. I hope my choice of sustainable coconut wood and handcrafted textiles reflect that sentiment; reminding you to choose your accessories thoughtfully. 

Niobium Earwires

Named for the goddess Niobe, this magical metal is Beach Juju’s signature material & the most opulent choice for people with metal sensitivities or allergies. Frequently used in medical implants, Niobium is a PURE hypoallergenic metal with ZERO additives. An element from the natural world, #41 on the periodic table with a value higher than Sterling Silver. Unlike typical fashion jewellery, Niobium is never painted or plated. It's able to display itself in a stunning array of colours by an electrochemical process called 'Anodizing', which converts the metals surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Niobium is incredibly durable and long lasting, ensuring that your pieces can be passed down for generations to enjoy.

Beach Juju ©2019.

Each item is individually Handcrafted by 'Jolene Thompson' at her Campwin Beach home in North Queensland. Jolene Thompson retains ownership of all design elements & graphic content (including all images) contained herein.