All online sales are Handmade-to-order. Current processing times are 7-10 Days.

Care Instructions

  • Please remove your earrings before swimming or showering. If your earrings do happen to get wet, lay them on a clean surface in the sun to dry out. 
  • Be mindful to store your earrings away in a dry, safe place; free from dust & dirt. My 'Beach Juju' care bags are an ideal option.
  • Please be aware that textile earrings may be stained by make-up or fake tanning solutions. Avoid using such products in areas that come into direct contact with your earrings.
  • Spot clean earrings *BY HAND ONLY* with a mild soap & clean cloth.
  • Please consider your own personal beauty routine when purchasing your earrings & choose your colours thoughtfully. A darker colour choice will ultimately require less care than a lighter colour.

 "To prevent loss; apply the rubber backs provided *AT ALL TIMES* while wearing your earrings."

Renew/Recycle Offer 

Why simply throw something away that can be renewed or recycled? This eco-friendly offer is available to EVERY Beach Juju customer from September 1st 2019. (Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.)

Ok, accidents happen! Like spilling spaghetti sauce on your favourite white t-shirt or loosing a shoe in the back of a cab *argh* If you find yourself in a similar, unfortunate situation with your favourite pair of Beach Juju earrings, let me put your mind at ease. I understand, IT HAPPENS! I've got you.

A Pair of Earrings

Send me the affected pair of earrings *must have original earwires attached* and I will recycle your earring's components & remake you a replacement pair at 30% off the original price. On top of that you will receive a 20% off discount code to use with your next purchase.

A Single Earring

Send me your lost or affected earring and if I can match it to my current cotton dye-lot *some may vary* I will replace it at 40% off the original price. If the current dye-lot isn't a match I will offer to remake you a matching replacement pair using the original components/in part at 20% off the original price along with a 20% discount code to use with your next purchase.

*Please note: Offer is not available on discontinued or sale stock*

 Send your lonely or unfortunate earring/s to:

Jolene Thompson

49 Cooper Avenue

Campwin Beach

Qld 4737

Please make contact before posting any items using the contact page on my website.

 Jojo x